High End Stereo Equipment Specialist Sanjay Patel of Ciamara Elevates Audience with Sound and Audio Demonstration at the New York Audio Show at The Palace Hotel, New York

Publicado: 2013-05-02

When working with Ciamara, every client receives more than just a handful of components...

High end stereo equipment expert Sanjay Patel has earned his stripes as an authority on world-class implementations of ultra high end stereo equipment from manufacturers such as Ayre Acoustics, EMM Labs, TAD Labs, Shunyata Research and Viola Audio Labs. The CEO of Ciamara was a chosen guest leader who participated on a dealer panel in the Hubbard Room II at the New York Palace Hotel on April 13. The purpose of the show was to allow the public to meet the engineers and designers behind Ciamara’s system, to learn more about high end stereo equipment, and to hear an outstanding system implementation in action.

The panel discussion was an informative review of what to look for when selecting a team for implementing a high end stereo system. Ciamara discussed the system and its components with its team of expert engineers and client relationship managers. Patel explained that customer support is vital to the Company, and Ciamara takes pride in working one-on-one with each individual client to ensure flawless execution, unparalleled performance and long-lasting client satisfaction. Patel further explained, “When working with Ciamara, every client receives more than just a handful of components. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that each and every system we design and assemble performs beyond its stated specifications to achieve the magic Ciamara is known for.”

Legendary designer, Andrew Jones was on hand to discuss TAD's Reference 1 loudspeakers and their best-in-class capabilities, while Viola Audio Labs’ President, Paul Jayson presented and featured the Viola Crescendo preamplifier and digital-to-analog converter, along with the new Viola Concerto and Viola Symphony power amplifiers. Recording engineers from Chesky Records and Acoustic Sounds, as well as mastering engineers from New York’s own Sterling Sound, were on site to experience the outstanding performance of Ciamara’s implementation.

Ciamara was founded in Manhattan, NY, by a team of sound artists with extensive backgrounds in the recording industry and audiophile markets. Ciamara’s team is focused on achieving best-in-class performance at any price for personal listening spaces, home theaters and professional recording and mastering environments. Sanjay Patel heads the vertically integrated audio engineering firm, and leads with an unshakeable conviction that great sound can only be created by combining the highest expertise, and the most sincere passion, into a sound worthy of being shared with the whole world.

Ciamara has become a name that many and most sound and audio aficionados know and trust. The Company is known for rigorously testing and evaluating top-shelf components, as well as designing and implementing unique products of its own. A Ciamara system avails a fairly high price tag with a quality unmatched in the audio world. As the leader in high end audio, Ciamara creates a sound that listeners feel and hear with their whole bodies and minds.

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